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The Monuments Men
USA, Germany
Drama, Action, Biography, War
IMDB rating:
George Clooney
Cate Blanchett as Claire Simone
Holger Handtke as Colonel Wegner
Jean Dujardin as Jean Claude Clermont
Sam Hazeldine as Colonel Langton
Michael Hofland as Priest (Claude)
Dimitri Leonidas as Sam Epstein
Zahary Baharov as Commander Elya
Hugh Bonneville as Donald Jeffries
Bob Balaban as Preston Savitz
George Clooney as Frank Stokes
Bill Murray as Richard Campbell
John Goodman as Walter Garfield
Justus von Dohnanyi as Viktor Stahl
Matt Damon as James Granger
Storyline: Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Monuments Men is an action drama focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. It would be an impossible mission: with the art trapped behind enemy lines, and with the German army under orders to destroy everything as the Reich fell, how could these guys - seven museum directors, curators, and art historians, all more familiar with Michelangelo than the M-1 - possibly hope to succeed? But as the Monuments Men, as they were called, found themselves in a race against time to avoid the destruction of 1000 years of culture, they would risk their lives to protect and defend mankind's greatest achievements.
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An Award Season Misfit Moved to a February Release
In the early scenes of "The Monuments Men," director George Clooney introduces his supporting cast of characters portrayed by John Goodman, Bill Murray, and Bob Balaban. Humiliatingly sending this group of elderly actors through physical fitness trainings before the film transitions into its World War II plot, the audience could confuse "The Monuments Men" with last November's "Last Vegas."'

"The Monuments Men" boasts an impressive advertisement to entice the interest of the public. The cast includes Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, and Clooney himself; three reliable actors who can usually earn their films a stamp of approval. However, "The Monuments Men" deceives its audience with a promise of a quality storyline that features American soldiers searching to retrieve irreplaceable art that Hitler and the Nazis have stolen from France.

George Clooney may have been on the path of becoming the next Warren Beatty, a heartthrob actor turned serious director, until "The Monuments Men." His direction is not the film's sorest aspect, but the directing itself is substantially weaker than the skills he has shown recently with "The Ides of March" and "Good Night, and Good Luck." He attempts to run the story with a path in mind, but his attempts feel like his legs were injured while trying run on that path. The film's score adds an essence of floating patriotism, which offsets the comedic tone established by writing.

The difficulty of "The Monuments Men" is the screenplay. In addition to acting and directing, Clooney also wrote the screenplay with co-writer Grant Heslov for "The Monuments Men." The dialogue tries diligently to make clever cultural references and create amusing one-liners, but most of the written word in the script flops like a poorly made piece of sushi. I wonder if Clooney was consciously writing the script or if he was actually executing effort; if that is the case, my heart goes out to his lacking ability to write competent dialogue.

With those high-status actors, one would think they would be able to be the saving grace of "The Monuments Men." Sadly, the male actors show no signs of characterization, making their characters feel like extensions of their own personalities. The only performer who is marginally successful is Cate Blanchett. In her Oscar-winning performance in "Blue Jasmine," Blanchett played a character that arguably no other actress could portray except her. In contrast, her character, Claire in "The Monuments Men" is a role generic enough to be played by any aspiring actress. In her first scene, Claire spits into someone's drinking glass and my response was a sympathetic one, knowing Blanchett is capable of better work.

"The Monuments Men" wants to be a serious film, but falls back on comedy, becoming a real- life treasure hunt. Clooney attempts to force sentiment on his audience, but it is unearned and unwanted. "The Monuments Men" was originally set to release last December (a fitting release for pushing films in the Oscar race), but was moved to an alternative February. My guess is the studio realized "The Monuments Men" was nothing more than an award season misfit.
Clooney's Direction is as boring as the rest of the Movie..
An unlikely World War II platoon is tasked to rescue art masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their owners. The Monuments Men was written and directed by George Clooney and stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Jean Dujardin and Bob Balaban. This film i'm not going to lie but it did have a pretty good trailer unfortunately the film has a thin written script and it's badly directed by Clooney the film is described as a "War" Film but 98% of it has all the cast talking to each other and trying to save the paintings plus it has a very awkward sense of humor and both Balaban and Murray feel like their starring in a different movie, the action is handled very poorly and it's just boring as the rest of the film as for the pacing it's very slow and makes you get tired after a while plus the acting and the characters aren't that interesting either. The Monuments Men is not one of the worst War Films of all time but it's definitely on my list. (4/10)
Boring Story, Terrible Screenplay and Unconvincing Performances
In 1943, the American Professor Frank Stokes (George Clooney) convinces President Roosevelt that the art stolen by the German should be retrieved and he recruits six art experts to form the Monuments Men's unit to travel to Europe with him to search the treasures. On the arrival, they split to several cities to guide the Allies to find the arts to return them to the owners.

I do not know how accurate "The Monuments Men" is but this movie has a boring story, terrible screenplay and unconvincing performances. The movie is neither a drama nor an action movie or comedy and has several main characters divided in subplots, some of them interesting and others pointless. In the end, "The Monuments Men" is a very disappointing film and sort of war propaganda. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): "Caçadores de Obras-Primas" ("Masterpieces Hunters")
A lack of everything..
Uneven, unfunny, plainly dull, poorly acted, lacking any recognisable narrative structure, completely devoid of discernible artistic/directorial style and just a big waste of everyone's time.

Oh the irony that the film tells the story of saving works of art! but I'd suggest they'd have needed an act of god to save this piece of rubbish.

There was nothing at all to redeem this nonsensical flick and I'm sure GP's would soon be prescribing as a cure for insomnia if the effects weren't so severe as to actually risk educing a coma.

Give it a wide-birth or give it a watch the night before something important, you'll thank yourself.
Walk away
It is very rare that I watch a film that makes me want to walk away. I was in London with my girlfriend the other night and that was all that we could watch at the time we had available. I write this review in the hope to save you from wasting your time on this. There is no justification for such a horrendously made film. Besides having no script, no challenge, no evolution of character or plot, this is acted as it we, the spectators, are complete idiots. On top of this, you have numerous deliberate cigarette propaganda inserts that contribute nothing to the incomprehensibly bland story line. I have been working with television and film for the last two decades, teaching photography and video as well as watching passionately films from all around the world, including Hollywood, which I enjoy very much, but this is simply one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life. I only stayed in the theater because it was cold outside and between the two of us, this was an 75 us dollars bad joke. Watch one of your favorites again, but don't watch this. I hope to contribute to saving you some time.
Loved the Monuments Men
I know this movie received mixed reviews, but I thought it was excellent. With so many disappointing movies lately I was pleasantly surprised that Monuments Men really delivered. I had never heard this story before and I was impressed at how it was presented. The actors were perfect for their roles and it left me feeling proud of what these men were able to accomplish.

One thing that really struck home with me was seeing the beaches at Normandy. My uncle actually landed in the first wave, lost most of his battalion and was wounded. He never spoke about it but I know he carried the scars throughout his life.
Worst movie
I won free tickets to go to the movie and we went and it was the most boring movie we have ever watched. My husband who loves action and history movies fell asleep. I ended up going on the internet on my phone. Just very boring and do not recommend. It's expensive to go to the movies. Do not recommend. The movie drug and was just simply a boring movie. The story line was dull at best. We expected a better movie and it just didn't hold up to the movie trailer's we viewed. I am sure it followed the true story of what happened, but we expected much more for a WWII movie. There were some funny parts, but they were few and far between. My history buff 17 year old would find the movie boring as well. Onto the next movie.
Not a good movie Disjointed and Flat
I write short and sweet reviews because I am tired of people giving high ratings to terrible movies. This movie won't have that problem. It should have been good. It had a good cast and a great historical event. BUT.... The first half of the movie was terrible, with scenes that did not flow well into one story and seemed disjointed. The end of the movie was somewhat better, tied together properly at least. The acting was mostly very flat. While I have seen both Clooney and Daemon give good performances, these performances had no nuances. It was as if they were hanging out in their every day lives. Neither played a character that seemed very different from the persona that they project as themselves. And While Cate Blanchett actually DID give her character nuances, she was so unpleasant that I didn't care to watch her. I love history, and I don't mind when a movie takes some liberties with it in order to tell present a good drama. However, I learned little about this event, and also was not entertained.
The NGC documentary was better.
This movie is based on a really interesting story, but the movie itself is dull and tepid. If Clooney wanted to inspire audiences with the monuments men's heroic acts and passion for the work they were saving, he failed. The actors are generally half-hearted and the movie is completely devoid of momentum and suspense. The story unfolds like the dramatization of a textbook, with few exceptions (the scene with the Christmas carol, and the letter/operation to rescue the Bruges Madonna were pretty good). Why? In part because the script is too full of dry little quips, yet this movie is not actually funny enough to be a comedy. . Clooney tells the monuments men's story like a guy relating an epically bad backpacking trip to his bro-friend at a bar. Comedic relief is only successful if there is something dramatic enough to relieve us from (the landmine scene? seriously?).

Another problem is the characters. These historical figures are absolutely fascinating and are part of what makes this story so compelling, yet in the script they aren't nearly as fleshed out or interesting as they could be. Clooney's depiction of Claire, for example is insulting. She was they key to the entire operation, but instead of depicting her strength he reduces an enigmatic woman into a desperate love interest - as though it is cinematically impossible to have a female character in a movie without using her for romantic tension. FAIL.

The documentary I watched prior to seeing this film got me really excited for the movie because as an art lover, I'm eager to see a mainstream film that gets people excited about art. Instead, I'm left feeling almost betrayed.
So boring ! So.....BAD !
Hard to make a comment. This movie seems to have everything to make ad least a decent action / entertaining movie: Decent budget , Excellent cast & what it seems a good subject for a blockbuster ( nazi art robbery during the WWII & especially during the nazi "debacle" ).

But It isn't .

The guilt to a messy unattractive script. No thrill, no commitment no pace at all . This movie seems to be a totally FLAT Ekg !

And you don't have to wait for long to be bored ! After only the first 20mn it started to smell bad : Pointless scene who seems to fall on the screen haphazardly . Even the experienced actors start to loose it & their play is often out of the tracks !

Special BAD comment for my national fellow in the movie ( Georges wasn't a so nice friend to put him in such a miserable movie ! ) : Jean dujardin ! who usually play great , act really poorly here ! :( Have a look on the "presentation" scene :( Perhaps challenging Marion Cotillard for the worst french acting scene in a US Movie ?? But unlike Marion ,he only seems to wake up to really act when he's wounded & the death scene is not as bad but there again the poor scene cut's waste it ! Fortunately, he dies from his wound & ending his misery .

One positive point : the only one who seems to me, not sank deep is .....The Aussie girl ! Ad least she was smart enough to avoid the trap to try to talk french ! She craftily speak English with a french accent , nice & it works . But her too saw her play smash into the messy blury scenario who makes her look like a icy unpolite useless bi...characters and her impact on the "action" ( there's none in fact ) or if you prefer the "story" is : absolutely NONE.

Who did the writing & the post production ??? Obsiously George cloney is not Clint Eastwood Perhaps it should pay him a call ...& a few lessons !. This movie is utterly disappointing . Don't waste your time like i did.
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