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Escape Plan
Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Mikael Håfström
Alec Rayme as Pilot
Christian Stokes as Babcock
Caitriona Balfe as Jessica Miller
David Joseph Martinez as Captain Newal Beradah
Sam Neill as Dr. Kyrie
James Caviezel as Hobbes
Matt Gerald as Roag
Faran Tahir as Javed
Amy Ryan as Abigail
50 Cent as Hush (as Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson)
Vinnie Jones as Drake
Vincent D'Onofrio as Lester Clark
Storyline: Ray Breslin is the world's foremost authority on structural security. After analyzing every high security prison and learning a vast array of survival skills so he can design escape-proof prisons, his skills are put to the test. He's framed and incarcerated in a master prison he designed himself. He needs to escape and find the person who put him behind bars.
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Schwarzeneggers, Stalones and Sam Neils worst movie.
Don't really know why everybody is praising this movie like a masterpiece. I saw it and regret that i bought a cinema ticket. The acting and storyline is ridiculous bad. Stalone is imprisoned because... yeah, why? He wrote a book and a prison got built including his opinions for a perfect prison. He doesn't know anything about it and than he got imprisoned there because somebody wanted him disappear? What? Why? Schwarzenegger supports him with his prison break with his worst acting ever and that guy who wrote the conversations for him should feel guilty his whole life long. Yeah and then this Oppium drug dealer. lol yeah, why should some drug dealer pay money to imprison him there? A drive by would be much cheaper... oh wait, of course, they needed a Muslim in this movie for Stalones escape plan. And then, last and least: Neil. A drunken doctor haunted by guilt, who tries to redeem himself with helping with the prison break. I was damn close to leave the cinema, but i got still popcorn left and the tickets are too expensive to waste them...

tl;dr - worst movie i saw this year, Schwarzeneggers worst acting ever, even worst plot, conversations written by an ape and everybody who gives this film more then 4 stars saw another movie
Smart start. Good action. Lost points for the clichés.
Overall I enjoyed this movie. I put off watching it after it bombed in the theaters. The other night I was wanting an action movie so revisited thee IMDb site and saw some stellar (10 out of 10) reviews and sad let's give this a shot. Stallone actually acting is one of his better roles in this one. Not on par with Cop Land or Rocky but up there. He balances the tough guy with intelligence with an even easy flow that's believable. Arnold on the other hand, who has never really been known as a great actor even though I think he did his best real acting in Maggie, seems to just walk through his lines and rest on the fact that he's n action movie icon so why put in the effort. Jim Caviezel playing out of character playing a Bond type villain with a bit of corniness, and I say that as a compliment, as he did so very well. THe premise of the movie is great. The attempt at being a smart action movie almost works. Thee were times it just decided to become a cliché of your typical brainless action movie. I like some of those. Stallone's Expendables being one. If this would have stayed on the path of that intelligent action movie this could've been a box office hit and a memorable film. Most people I have mentioned this movie to never even head of it or forgot it totally and they are fans of the genre, Stallones, and/or Arnold's. Sadly, This is an easily forgettable movie. Watch it for the entertainment and quality but don't expect much.
Escape Plan (A) English ------------ my Rating : ★★★★½ THRILLING
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Escape Plan (A) English ------------ my Rating : ★★★★½ THRILLING

STRENGTHS :- * Thrilling scenes with twists .... * Casting and Performances : were really good and superb .... * Story Screenplay Direction was outstanding .... * BGM plays main role in thrillers .... * Visual effects were really great....

WEAKNESSES :- * Few scenes were unacceptable ....

FINAL VERDICT :- * Overall... the movie is fantastic ... you will like most ..... MUST watch

When a structural-security authority finds himself set up and incarcerated in the world's most secret and secure prison, he has to use his skills to escape with help from the inside.

Director: Mikael Håfström Writers: Miles Chapman (screenplay), Jason Keller (screenplay), 1 more credit » Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 50 Cent | See full cast and crew »
For those nostalgic for 1980s
In a nutshell: great team of A-listers from multiple generations, mildly entertaining, script irritatingly stupid even for a brainless 1980s action movie. The plot is simple: a security expert specializing in breaking from prisons gets double-crossed and plans his escape.

I understand that Stallone and Schwarzenegger are at a stage where they view starring in an action movie as a hobby. But many of their co-stars, like Jim Caviezel and Vinnie Jones, are in their prime. It is beyond me why they'd choose to star in this.

I disagree with the Razzie award given to Stallone. He was actually pretty good there. Schwarzenegger was a bit more disappointing, especially during the introduction part. Jim Caviezel brought in an evil version of John Reese, and despite the idiotic script, shines as a cold, calculating villain. Vinnie Jones is basically reduced to an extra. He walks around and beats people up, not much else.

Every single stereotype is present. A villain with a requisite interest in beautiful stuff like butterflies because that's what all villains do (how do you find a butterfly in the middle of an ocean?). Double-crossed by the boss. A tough guy with a trauma in the past (his family was killed, although here it's a son and not a daughter as usual) - as a part of an idiotic origin story of Ray Breslin: he is a former lawyer/prosecutor, who because a security specialist after the trauma.

Finally and most annoyingly, EVERYONE IS A MASTERMIND. Jim Caviezel's villain built his floating prison virtually alone, based on recommendations of another mastermind, Stallone's character. Who, in turn, is working in tandem with Schwarzenegger's character, a financial mastermind pretending to be his subordinate who wanted to "turn the world financial system into confetti" by giving the money to the poor (no, I'm not making this up). To make it even more ridiculous, the Schwarzenegger's character has a mole in the CIA, his daughter, who also masterminded hiring Stallone's character to save her father while the CIA was trying to make sure her father stays there (not being able to find out about the relationship of one of their agents and their subject) and offered a lucrative job to the Stallone's boss. Oh, and froze the cheque paid for their services. So on one hand, they were hired to rescue the financial mastermind. On the other hand, to put the security expert in jail.

(OK, now I'm curious - who wrote this? Is that a Golan-Globus talent?)

Apart from that, it's an entertaining throwback to the 1980s. The finale was especially nostalgic, with big explosions, one-liners, Schwarzenegger shouting orders with his trademark Austrian accent, and a helicopter escape. Unfortunately, as much as I wanted, there was no "get to the choppah".

I think the old guys still entertain, but really, the script drags everything down.
Escape Artist Faces His Ultimate Test
I was so prepared not to like "Escape Plan" thinking it would be another run of the mill Stallone action movie. I went in with very low expectations, not knowing anything of the plot. But surprisingly, this film turned out to be very engaging and fun to watch after all. I will not be putting a detailed synopsis for you to be able to enjoy this movie fully as well.

Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is a Houdini of jails, having the ability to escape even the highest of high security enclosures. He finds himself locked up in an unofficial facility whose problematic inmates are meant to "disappear". In the advanced, high tech and isolated prison, Breslin's escape skills are put to the ultimate test.

Sylvester Stallone still delivers his lines as garbled as ever, but he looks good for his age, and has not lost his charisma as an action star. He managed to be quite credible in playing such an incredibly-skilled individual. We are ready to suspend disbelief and accept that he can do the impossible. Hey, that is Stallone on that screen!

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a German inmate named Rottmeyer, who befriends Breslin. Arnie plays it light here, with his acting so typically awkward and actually funny, but we know and love him in this tongue-in-cheek style of his.

Jim Caviezel is intense as Hobbes, the warden of this special prison, as well as its proud designer. He will go to all extremes to prove that his prison is escape-proof. His career seemed to have taken a dip after "Passion of the Christ" and that is unbelievable after the limits he pushed with that memorably emotional performance. He is very good here despite being in a rather one-dimensional antagonist role.

It was very good to see Sam Neill on screen again, also after what seems to be a long absence. He plays the prison physician here faced with a moral dilemma.

The story telling by Swedish-born director Mikael Håfström is well-paced and actually quite exciting. The set design of the prison was very high- tech, and well thought of. That version of solitary confinement was harsh! The escape techniques seemed logically planned and thrillingly executed. The revelation scenes are very well-staged and that is only how far I'm going to describe them so you won't be spoiled with the many surprises this film has in store for you.

Recommended for those looking for a good, entertaining and unexpectedly smart action film. You may think you already know how it all ends, but the road it took to get to that ending is quite an enjoyable ride, despite those typically hokey gunfight scenes towards the end. I had a good time watching this. 7/10.
Quite good for a simple action flick
Stallone and Schwarzenegger co-starring for the first time! I was expecting another really bad flick with a bad plot and even worse acting, well that assumption was (mostly) wrong.

The plot is actually pretty good. I really liked how they introduced new characters. The pace is steady and action scenes are not that long. It never felt boring or idiotic to me which quite a lot of simple action flicks are IMHO. I was also astonished that the story was quite original and that it contained quite a few well done plot twists.

Camera work and music score are good but obviously nothing special, the scenery was pretty well thought out.

I really enjoyed the cast and their okay acting (you obviously need to take into account that both Sly or Arnold are bad actors) with Jim Caviezel playing an excellent villain. Except for 50 Cent, who should never be cast again!

In the end I really enjoyed watching this and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend two hours watching a simple action flick.
Old school action
It's been amazing that these two – Sly and Arnie – have never got together on screen before (excluding the cameos in The Expendables movies), as they do work rather well together.

It focuses on the two men's attempts to escape a futuristic prison which has been custom- built to prevent escapes. Guess what… it's about to be put to its limits. So, baring in mind that the story takes place in a prison, there's plenty of faceless thugs for our two action heroes to pound, plus a villainous warden and his henchman Vinnie Jones to sort out along the way.

This is Sly's movie, so he does get more screen time and people to punch than Arnie, so Arnie fans may feel just a little short-changed. However, seeing as the two actors have known each other for many years, there's a natural rapport between them which shines out. Arnie's acting (yes, acting!) seems to have suffered since being in politics, seeming a bit stilted in The Last Stand and The Expendables, but he seems to be regaining his old late eighties/early nineties charm.

If you like either or both the aging escape-artists, you should enjoy this film, even if it's just to watch them on screen (properly) for the first time. There's your typical amount of action and mayhem as they figure out how to break out. My only gripe was that it was a little longer than I expected, clocking in at nearly two hours. Shave about 10-15 minutes off the runtime and you'd have a much tighter movie.
Hollywood have lost the plot
It is not often that you get to see a movie that defies description,,,,but I suppose if you wait long enough, anything is possible. Yes, there is lots of action, and yes the acting is fair, but believe me when I say, there is absolutely no sense whatsoever to the plot. You will spend most of your time asking yourself, how did this come about, how did that come about. There is absolutely no continuity in the story and no explanation for half the stuff that happens. So, if you do not need a plot or for it to make sense, and are happy to sit in front of a screen and watch some action and listen to sound effects, without it making any sense,then this is the movie for you. You can give your brain the night off and put your eyes and ears on overtime. I think Stallone and Arnie, can basically write a script during lunch, and just get someone to make the movie regardless. This is nothing but money for the boys. Oh! yeah,,,I gave it a three for the sheer barefaced audacity of making it.
Yes, another prison escape movie, but it was actually enjoyable
How could a film with both Stallone and Arnie be bad, well it is possible, but not this time. I won't reveal too much because it may ruin the intro to the movie, but suffice to say, Arnie appears a little later in the movie. Stallone's face looks like it's made of silly putty, but Arnie's actually not looking too bad, neither are into the naked topless thing these days, which is understandable considering their age. There is a great balance of humor and intensity in this film, there moments of genuine suspense, and a few surprises. The sets were great, story had original elements to it. Plenty of punch ups, good body count, lots of action, and a few remotely possible gimmicks...possibly a whole mythbusters season worth of investigation in this one movie. Nice to see some direction in the fight scenes without using so many angles and shots, that it's almost dizzy to watch, it was more old skool, much more enjoyable. Ending was slightly confusing for me,few tiny holes I thought, but still worth a strong 7.
Stallone and Schwarzenegger in a Surprisingly Entertaining Flick
Stallone and Schwarzenegger together in an action film is the ultimate in clichés. Expecting a painful to watch "one last go around" project for a couple of aging action stars, this action film was actually pretty entertaining. Both of the old guys played their roles expertly and seem to have embraced their recent career success as seniors that can still throw a punch. Arnie seems to have finally picked up a few acting skills and Stallone seems more punch drunk than ever but leverages that into some believable character development. All in all pleasantly surprised that Escape Plan wasn't the disaster it could have been. And both Stallone and Schwarzenegger throw in some great lines and moves that hearken back to the roles that made them famous and enshrined them in our collective consciousness.
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