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Ender's Game
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Gavin Hood
Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham
Brandon Soo Hoo as Fly Molo
Hailee Steinfeld as Petra Arkanian
Han Soto as Colonel Graff's aide
Jessica Harthcock as Launchie / Dragon Platoon / Eros
Suraj Partha as Alai
Caleb J. Thaggard as Stilson (as Caleb Thaggard)
Cameron Gaskins as Slattery (Leopard Army)
Jimmy 'Jax' Pinchak as Peter Wiggin
Andrea Powell as Theresa Wiggin
Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff
Nonso Anozie as Sergeant Dap
Abigail Breslin as Valentine Wiggin
Viola Davis as Major Gwen Anderson
Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin
Moises Arias as Bonzo
Conor Carroll as Bernard
Storyline: The Earth was ravaged by the Formics, an alien race seemingly determined to destroy humanity. Seventy years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent their own annihilation from this technologically superior alien species. Ender Wiggin, a quiet but brilliant boy, may become the savior of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister and his terrifying brother and brought to battle school in orbit around earth. He will be tested and honed into an empathetic killer who begins to despise what he does as he learns to fight in hopes of saving Earth and his family.
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From a die hard fan to a disappointed one
I read this book for the first time as a teenager in high school and found it to be a world of unknown limitations, where rational thought intelligent decisions, and carefully calculated emotions ruled the day guided by a genius mind. The images conveyed in every page of detailed descriptive writing, from the desperation of Valentine losing a 6 year old Ender, to the anguish of Ender, knowing he killed Bonzo, every major emotion was exploited and bared before the reader. The book was too short for what the readers wanted, and left us craving more, both in the continuing back stories such as Ender's Shadow as well as the deeper philosophical aspects of Xenophobia and those books which followed.

This movie, however, left those of us who eagerly awaited the transition of the novel to the big screen appalled and eager for the lights to come up so we could hastily exit the theater, shaking our heads in utter disappointment at the epic failure that is Ender's Game: the movie. From the lack of voice-over (the only proper way to explain the large portion of the book told through Ender's thoughts) to the stilted acting, to the condensation of close to a decade of learning to less than a year, each minute was painful to watch, and even more difficult to swallow. The only thing that could have made this movie more of a disappointment in my book, would have been if it had been not only poorly written and acted, but also lacking in the visual graphics.

I will say, the movie is beautiful to watch, though incorrect according to the descriptions in the book, but at least there's something nice on the screen that can ease the sting of the tattered shreds of a great story that's being crammed down your throat...
Enders Game is made for children 8-14 years old and adults that want to see a movie with children
Ender's Game(2013) + Some beautiful scenes of space, earth and planets. + Harrison Ford actor. + The final combat simulation was interesting. + Fairly beautiful girl actor. - I waited FOREVER that the characters would grow older. These are kids! - BORING long scenes reminds me of Oblivion - If you expect epic long lasting war you will be disappointed. - Training, training and training. - Sometimes low budget effects and you can see it is filmed inside a studio and not outside in the real world. My vote: 6.5/10 OK/good movie.

That said if you watch this movie with children 8-14 years old they might love it since all actors are either older generation Harrison Ford or kids.

8 and 9 years old can watch this movie IF they are together with adults(usually parents or other relatives). 10+ age and they can watch this movie without adults I would say. There is even a cute computer/console game in this movie that seems like a good game for children.
How Gavin Hood Ruined Ender's Game
First off, let's get one thing straight. Ender's Game was a well done movie, with amazing graphics and great acting. But the film it's self did not closely follow the book. In fact, they completely demolished it. Some of the changes were understandable, but most completely ruined the mood that the book had.

Now where do we start? Let's start with the Formic Wars. The first formic war took place on earth, and Mazer Rackham had nothing to do with it, let alone sacrifice himself. The second Formic War took place around the rings of Saturn in space to my knowledge, and that is the Formic war Rackham participated in.

Then there's Stilson, in the movie ender simply kicked the crap out him. The book describes Ender kicking him until he had this dead look in his eyes, so that later this could be compared to his fight with Bonzo, in the book he also killed Stilson, and never used some science experiment to do it. Not the biggest of mistakes, but I felt the film was definitely lacking do to this.

Then we come to launch of the shuttle, and the whole film goes downhill from there. In the book Ender walks aboard the shuttle with all of the other boys, he doesn't come in late, and he NEVER sat beside Bean. Bean was not even in his launch group. Bean and Ender were not supposed to become friends until Bean joined Dragon Army. So that unfortunately happens, and then the shuttle takes off. Now in the book, launchies were not allowed to eat for 24 hours prior to the launch, to avoid sickness. So please tell me why Alai puked his guts out when they got in space? Then Graff comes out to see the launchies, and when he does he comes out horizontally. In the book he comes in upside down and Ender laughs because it seems as if Graff were standing on his head. In the movie Ender laughs, and then explains publicly why your orientation can be any way in space.

No we get Bernard. Most likely one of the biggest mistakes in the movie. In the book, Bernard was bothering Ender, and Ender proceeded to break his arm. This lead to a feud that lasted between them for a long time in battle school. And never was Bernard part of Ender's Jeesh. He was never that smart.

Where did Shen go? Shen was one of Ender's first friends when he arrived to battle school, because Shen himself was also a misfit, singled out and picked on by Bernard for the way his butt moved when he walked. This lead to Ender hacking into the desks and posting about how Bernard is always watching your butts. A classic comedic moment of the book that never made it's way into the movie along with Shen.

Now to the Battle room, why oh why were the walls glass? And why was there only one battle room?In the book there were 8 closed in rooms, and the lighting could be controlled to hinder the student's visibility. And when they arrived why were Bean and Ender experimenting with the guns? It was always Ender and Alai, and they never discussed the enemy's gate being down at that time. Oh and let's not forget the way the decided to merge two very defining battles in the book, just to save a little screen time.

On the subject of the battle room, lets discuss armies. Why were they so small? In the movie I don't think I saw more than a dozen kids in each army. In the books there were forty soldiers and a commander in each army.

What happened to Rat Army?? Why was Ender transferred from Salamander to Dragon, instead of Salamander to Rat. And I'm pretty sure that's where Ender meets Dink Meeker, and not in salamander.

What happened to Bean's special ops force?? They completely got rid of that, leaving no explanation as to why bean was carrying rope.

Bonzo. Pronounced Bon-so. I don't remember hearing that in the movie, even though it was very, very emphasized in the book. They managed to capture his personality pretty well, but his death scene was less than satisfactory. What was with the whole hitting his head on the ground and breaking his neck? It didn't bring out the intensity of the scene that the book portrayed. Ender was supposed to bash Bonzo's nose into his brain, and then kick him in the balls as he stands like a dead man before collapsing, and dying on the spot. There was no infirmary scene in the book, and Ender never to think that he might of killed him until after the league war.

Then we arrive on Eros. Ender begins his training with Mazer, and when he walks into the simulator his entire Jeesh is in the room with 500 other kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a break, They only people in that room were Mazer and Ender, the rest of his Jeesh was in a different simulator, and they never explained the toll it took on Ender's Jeesh and how Petra broke down.

The final battle was not that bad, but after his fight with Graff, the rest was crap. They completely threw out he book with the bathwater. They ignored the league war, and moved the last Formic larvae to eros. They then proceed to send Ender out into the Stars abandoning his sister on Earth, instead of leaving with his sister like in the books.

Finally Throughout the Film they never elaborated on Demothenese and Locke. A key element to the story about Peter and Valantine that amounted to just about half the book.

Overall Ender's Game should have been broken down into 2 movies, instead of cramming it all into Gavin Hood's 2 hours of Crap.
If You Loved the Silly Book, Enjoy!
Bad writing is bad writing and the screenplay has even more flaws than the novel. It's a mystery how that was accomplished. A film based on a very overrated book can sometimes be an improvement on the source material. That's not the case here. This is a pretty pedestrian space opera with juvenile lead Asa Butterfield giving what must be the performance of his lifetime, which is sad when you think about it. Don't let yourself think too much about that or anything else regarding this movie, though. The story doesn't allow for thought. He actually is most likely doing the best he can and it's clearly a monumental effort. The director seems to be trying as hard as he can as well. At least to please the fan boys. Because no one else is going to admire much of what's in this third rate movie. However, no movie is a complete disaster when it offers the chance to see Harrison Ford aging before your very eyes and another opportunity to ask, "what the heck is Ben Kingsley doing in this mess?"
Dreadful - easily as bad as Battleship
I'm sorry, but I am fed up with awful sci-fi movies from Hollywood. Formics? do me a favour. Un-original name derived from Formic ants. In the future we are not going to use children to fight. If the fate of humanity rests with one person shouting "fire" at the appropriate time, followed by "I need more time" "shields are down" or whatever, the we are doomed. Today, computers can defeat chess grand masters, jeopardy champions. Financial centres are run by machines trading faster and more accurately than humans. By the time we reach the technology of Enders Game humans going into battle will be a thing of the past. The actors best efforts to add some drama to a terrible script led to a randomly grimacing Harrison Ford and some terrible performances from the other actors. Space battles were done well, but done to death by Star Trek. It's time for Hollywood to stop aping Star Trek and Star Wars and come up with something original. It's not as if there is a shortage of good books to start with. How about "Stranger in a Strange Land", "Ringworld", "Have Spacesuit, will Travel" and thousands more. I hated this movie from start to finish. Dreary, boring, utterly predictable.
Well made garbage
Technically this movie looks great, and even some of the performances weren't' that bad.

Of course, the problem was that it relied on Orson Card's dreadfully turgid prose for its main plot, and being that there are enough loyalists out there, they really couldn't deviate far from it.

So what you have is a movie that drags on for an hour and a half about the training, and all of 10 minutes about the war.

Making matters worse, of course, is that somehow they got Harrison Ford to phone in his line. EVery line he speaks in the movie is done with this flat affect like he doesn't even care about the movie he is in.

Thankfully, this movie flopped horribly and we won't be seeing any of Card's even more tedious sequels made into films.
This is not "ENDER", this is "CRAP"! Of the WORST KIND!
This is one I added on my HATE list after only 5 min. of viewing! Doesn't deserve even 1 star, it deserves a -10 and a 100 or more whip lashes on the director's back! Facts from the book are so viciously raped that the whole story looses absolutely all meaning...

They took a masterpiece and shred it to pieces!

Orson Scott Card's masterpiece that won various SF awards turned into a pile of utter crap! WTF??? I'm really offended as a fan, and if I were Mr. Scott Card, I would sue the tasteless evil bastards! Pardon my French, but I can't help wanting to scream the lungs out of my throat to express my anger! I know a lot of fans must feel the same.

Hollywood Barbarism, Rape and Hooliganism, destruction of art without any shame nor any limit! Sacrilege to lay your hands on such a work of art and take away all it's meaning! Please read the book(s) and stay away from this movie that never should have been made.
Can't begin to explain....
When you go to a movie whose book you have read several times, You expect it to compromise the story a little. But I did not expect it to fail so spectacularly on every level.

No character development. You get no sense of who any of the characters are. bean has no special part what so ever! like Ender's Shadow didn't happen!!! no one explains how ender got so much friends or all he had to go thru with Bernard (who's not even close to been a friend).

The battle game is barely in the movie. Ender gets Dragon army, He says "training begins now" and then it just cuts to an image of Dragon moving up the leader board. They show none of the difficulty of a battle a day, how they're putting the odds against ender...the way he's giving up at the last game....really...

At no point do they attempt to explain why Ender is chosen to be the commander of the entire Earth fleet. or how he develops his commander skills. They show none of his innovations, leadership ability, and he is downright unlikable at times. Everyone moves to his lunch table because he insults Bernard in class? What? That's why people will follow him to their death? Snark? Petra plays with dragon army?

I've known for two years that they cast an Ender that's too old but I didn't expect him to be a FOOT TALLER than Bonzo Madrid. Ender kills Bonzo by a kick and at no time do he refuse to leave earth for him. They call Ender a Third several times but don't bother to explain what that means.

Ender didn't have any communication with Valentine at all except for a letter and the meting on earth.

The acting is awful (especially Ender, WE DID IT!!), the dialogue is pathetic. The special effects are nothing groundbreaking. The simulator scenes are pointless as you can't follow what's going on.

Command School is "near the bugger home world". WHAT? How did they get there in time?? The fleet left right after the buggers did! And it's Molecular Disruption Device, not a Scorch the Surface of the Planet device. It was so bad the effect was to leave only dust!

A bugger queen is alive?! really???

that's what happens when you don't let the author write the script and let someone who obviously didn't read Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow even once!

severely disappointed! can't even begin to describe it i had to go and read both books again after the movie to feel better...
The Ender Effect
It's hard to understand the bitter disappointment of readers who stand guard for the book series by completely trashing this excellent movie. I've watched it 3 times without the book to refer to and can't find anything wanting; not the excellent cast, direction, production design, or compelling story. It stands alongside Pacific Rim and Oblivion as one of the trio of overshadowed summer sci-fi films whose unexpected pleasures will make them favorites to the people who give them a chance on DVD. From the fan outcry I take it Ender's Game fails to deliver whatever fans found in the books and has been watered down on its way to the screen. We all know than adapting a book to a movie is a matter of translating one form to another in the same way that raw wheat needs to be processed if it is to become a cake. Different forms have different requirements and, taken on its own terms, Ender's Game is an excellent film which will have special meaning to young people who can identify with Ender's struggles, hardships, the isolation of school, the expectations of others, bullying, gaming and his own violent temper. Interestingly, other books which were changed in order to be filmed include Blade Runner, 2001:, The Hunger Games, all Harry Potter books, all Shakespeare's works, The Lord Of The Rings books, the James Bond series, Dune, 2000 Leagues Under The Sea, Pinocchio, The Wizard Of Oz, The DaVinci Code and thousands more - many of them became classics just as I predict Ender's Game The Movie will. Go figure.
Kiddies…This One's For You
The End Game here is to be Exciting Without Resorting to Great Big Explosions, or at Least too Many of them. Make an Action Oriented Movie for the Adrenaline Types with Most of the Action on Computer Screens (that seem to have a defective zoom in function) with the Central Set Action Piece taking Place in a Zero Gravity Training Facility that is about as Engaging as Watching Paintball.

The Movie has a Sheen about it and there are Many Extreme Long Shots of Thousands of Spacecraft Zipping About (Yawn) with Very Little Attention to Detail and Never gets Close Enough for much of a Feeling about what's Going On. Speaking of Feeling, there is Not Much here. This is a Cold and Shallow Affair with its Attempts at Heart Rather Facile and Fake.

This may be Enjoyed by Kids and Tweens but is Comparitivly Tame and Boring Stuff when Compared to Current Video Games, Movies and TV Shows that for Better or Worse Pack a whole lot of Punch that is Sorely Lacking in this Bland and Boring Story Masquerading as Juvenile Science-Fiction Intellectualism.
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