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Storyline: In this captivating and intense drama, Beth Davis ( ), the successful architect of the state-of-the art high-rise Princeton Towers in Chicago's west loop, is off for a four-week business trip to Miami for another big project much to the chagrin of her husband Jack ( ) and her 11-year-old son Charlie ( ). Beth and Jack's marriage has been tense lately as the both seem to be searching for something different; she is focused on excelling in her career, and he's eager to expand their family. While at the airport waiting to board her flight, Beth is in shock when she sees that there has been a huge explosion and fire at Princeton Towers, the building she designed and her own family is living in. Fearing for her family, she rushes to the scene to learn that her husband and son are trapped inside their home on the 55th floor. Determined to do everything she can to free her family from the growing inferno, Beth sneaks into the building, and with the help of ...
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