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Biography: Emerging at the tail-end of the late-'90s explosion of pure pop acts, squeaky-voiced singer Lolly's infectious bubblegum output was aimed at an audience even younger than the likes of pre-teen-friendly chart-toppers Steps and Billie Piper. Born Anna Kumble in Sutton Coldfeld, Birmingham in 1978, the former model, performing arts graduate, and Starlight Express dancer was discovered by producers Nick Foster and Mike Rose, who asked her to front their new pop project as a character called "Lolly" whose bright Day-glo outfits, pigtails, and catchy nursery rhyme-style pop sound was purely designed to appeal to primary school children. In 1999, her debut single, "Viva La Radio," reached number six, and was followed by a Top Five cover version of Toni Basil's "Mickey," and her first album, imaginatively titled, My First Album. After being nominated for Best British Newcomer at the 2000 Brit Awards, she released her follow-up, Pick 'N' Mix, but due to its disappointing sales, she was dropped by her label, Polydor. After reverting back to her real name, she became a children's TV presenter for Nickelodeon, CBBC, and CITV, and provided backing vocals for novelty outfit Fast Food Rockers' debut album, It's Never Easy Being Cheesy. She has since become a regular fixture on the British panto circuit and has also revived her former alias, appearing on several university tours.
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